Flashback Friday: 3 Favorites Featuring Foxy Brown


90’s hip-hop is considered a golden era for many reasons. For one, the diversity within the culture began to fully bloom. Among the various seas of male street rappers, back packers, and Afro-centric emcees, women lyricists grew as well. A deep cocoa skinned and slanted eye beauty from Brooklyn really snatched my wig and gave me life beyond creation when I was a preteen; her name is Foxy Brown. Hip-hop first caught the chill of Fox on the “I Shot Ya” remix by LL. Then we quickly began to see her spitting alongside Jigga and many other hot artists of the time.  This flourishing period begot a ton of sixteens from Ms. Ill Na Na, some of them I keep on repeat ‘til this day. Take a trip down memory lane with me, as I share my top three track featuring King Fox.

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Top 3 Favorite Tracks: Logic – The Incredible True Story


It was incredibly hard picking a top 3 from Logic’s newly released sophomore project, The Incredible True Story. We all have our varying tastes when it comes to hip-hop, especially in this current Internet age, where we are overexposed to so much in the matter of seconds, literally. So, to be truthful, I wasn’t expecting to fall so hard for this album, but I was wrong, incredibly wrong.

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